The Moon Cake Festival 2013: misconceptions of man

“How many times do you think Ryan will cry today?” Jason asked. “I don’t know. Maybe he won’t cry today,” Replied Michelle. “I bet he’ll cry five times. How many do you think?” “Um I think maybe only two.” “Ok, loser owes the winner a massage.” “In a massage parlour?” “No. Loser will give the … More The Moon Cake Festival 2013: misconceptions of man

The Elusive Spring

We knew there must be an entrance to the spring. Jinan was known as “The City of Springs” for a reason, and we had first spotted the pool of water during a hike up one of the hills near our apartment. While teaching English for a company called “Happy English”, we worked Wednesday- Sunday, but … More The Elusive Spring


I had a bad feeling about the day and did not want to get out of bed. I was to head to the West end of town, the location of a second branch of our ESL school, for training. Training with Happy English, in Jinan China, so far had been a disorganized mess. For two … More “Training”

Teaching Begins

My first class was four hours long, with a ten minute break every hour. I was carefully watching the clock so I would know when to call our first break. I got mixed up, and thinking we had gotten through all of the material early I started killing time. Victoria, the Chinese partner I had … More Teaching Begins

Fresh Water Jellyfish

Suddenly the city buildings came to an abrupt end and we found ourselves standing in ruins. It was our first day off, and we were on a mission to climb the hill that jutted out behind our apartment. We’d followed a colleague’s rambling directions to get this far, but now we were on our own. … More Fresh Water Jellyfish