“What time is it?”

There was a rustling beside me as my boyfriend reached for the phone, “8:05.”

“WHAT!? It’s Saturday, we were supposed to be at work five minutes ago!” I grabbed to phone from him and dialed Lainey’s number, “We’re on our way.”

Our feet clamped down five flights of concrete steps, through a heavy door, and then we were immediately surrounded in thick grey smog.

“Duipuchi, duipuchi, duipuchi,” I muttered sorry as we made our way through the crowded bus stop.

“I’ll get food.” Nate volunteered. I nodded in response. Nate’s head of red hair cleared the crowd by about a foot as he strode towards the wrinkled, bent woman selling sandwiches from her small street cart. It was still a relatively short time since we’d arrived in Jinan.


Since returning home to Canada I have been writing down the events of our time spent living in China one day at a time. I have been copying from the scribbled notes in the journals I kept. Every day of the 15 months is now recorded, but as I celebrate this accomplishment I know that my work has only just begun. I am writing a book.

Over the past two years I have learned a lot about writing, and blogging. When I look back to the beginning of my blog I realize how much I have grown as a writer through this experience, and I realize even more that good writing is re-writing. So I am recording some of the key stories again for you. I will be editing, adding details and photos, and adding some new weekly content as well (in the form of photos and stories that did not make it into the original posts). There will also be regular updates on the progress of my book! Stay tuned.



7 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh Wow! I’m excited to read your blog posts! I will be moving to Jinan in a week and I’m dying to hear of other people’s experiences in Jinan and the rest of China!


  2. Hi Lingyun!~ Now I get a chance to know you through reading a bit of this about page.
    I think working in another country can be fun because you can immerse into a new culture. 🙂
    More power to you as you write and about to publish a book! ❤

    Lovely @ WORDS AND RHYTHM (www.lovelyrhythm.com)

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    1. Welcome to my blog! Sorry I have not been posting for a while, I am 8 1/2 months pregnant, and have been preoccupied! But I will be back at it soon, and I’m excited to share my stories with you!

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      1. Hi! We are so glad to hear from you and can certainly understand your situation. Wow, how exciting!!!!! This is going to be great news about the birth. Joy, joy, joy for you! Looking forward to growing with you Lingyun.

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