Don’t pull pranks on day 2.

“AMY MESSED WITH CHANDLER’S COMPUTER” Jason’s voice was much too loud for the tiny office all of Happy English’s staff were crammed into. My first thought was Jason hates fun. Ten minutes later the situation escalated even more as Jason marched around claiming loudly that AMY had lost Happy English two customers. Let me tell you it was not Amy who messed with Chandler’s computer… well it was Amy, but she was not acting alone. Jason claims to be the tech guru of the office. He installs all sorts of “important” programs (that no one uses) and uninstalls all of the “useless” programs (that have the majority of everyone’s work on them). Well now a new computer guru has entered the office, and his name is Nate.

Let me just start by saying this is only our second day of work, and we (including the entire body of foreign staff) already have had way too much time kicking around to do anyone any good. Two of the foreign staff members, Katrina and Amy were messing around with Chandler’s computer today, flipping the screen upside down and moving around the computer keys. The temptation was too high, Nate had to get in on the joke. He took a screenshot of Chandlers already upside down computer screen, set it as the backdrop for his home screen, and hid all of his icons. This devious little prank took Nate all of ten minutes to complete, and about two minutes to correct (while Jason seethed in the background. He didn’t know Nate was responsible and had fiddled with the computer for half an hour without being able to figure out what was wrong with it).

Nate and I are a little ashamed of causing such a big scene on our second day of work. Amy and Katrina have assured us they pull pranks like this all the time however, so hopefully it’ll blow over. The biggest issue is that Jason has a big mouth, and is making a much bigger deal of things then necessary. The big question that remains however is why was Jason on Chandler’s computer in the first place?

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