The Elusive Spring

We knew there must be an entrance to the spring. Jinan was known as “The City of Springs” for a reason, and we had first spotted the pool of water during a hike up one of the hills near our apartment. While teaching English for a company called “Happy English”, we worked Wednesday- Sunday, but … More The Elusive Spring


I had a bad feeling about the day and did not want to get out of bed. I was to head to the West end of town, the location of a second branch of our ESL school, for training. Training with Happy English, in Jinan China, so far had been a disorganized mess. For two … More “Training”

Teaching Begins

My first class was four hours long, with a ten minute break every hour. I was carefully watching the clock so I would know when to call our first break. I got mixed up, and thinking we had gotten through all of the material early I started killing time. Victoria, the Chinese partner I had … More Teaching Begins