Jack Ma Foundation

Last winter the online ESL company I work for, VIPKID, launched a pilot program with the goal of implementing online education in rural schools across the country. As my pregnancy progressed and I prepared for the new element of chaos that would soon be entering my life, I received an interesting notification from VIPKID. The … More Jack Ma Foundation


I had a bad feeling about the day and did not want to get out of bed. I was to head to the West end of town, the location of a second branch of our ESL school, for training. Training with Happy English, in Jinan China, so far had been a disorganized mess. For two … More “Training”

Oct 19 2014 sunday

After packing for our trip to Beijing Saturday night, we had been late getting to bed. Saturday had been a long day, and Sunday would prove to be even longer. Because of my success in Minions Class decorating our classroom doors, I figured I would repeat the activity with my Pineapple Class today. Recently the … More Oct 19 2014 sunday

Friday Oct 17 2014

Instead of teaching my regular class I was sent to a primary school today. The children in the 50 student class I was entertaining were very excited to see me. I even got “I love you” notes from some of the girls! As we walked through the hallway an excited buzz of young voices followed … More Friday Oct 17 2014

July 11 2014

Usually my bosses have a knack for picking the worst class, on the worst day to sit in on. Today however I got lucky. My boss (big boss too, who rarely ever sits in) decided to observe my Pineapple class. Melissa will be moving to America with her husband, so Haley will be taking over … More July 11 2014