Oct 19 2014 sunday

After packing for our trip to Beijing Saturday night, we had been late getting to bed. Saturday had been a long day, and Sunday would prove to be even longer. Because of my success in Minions Class decorating our classroom doors, I figured I would repeat the activity with my Pineapple Class today. Recently the … More Oct 19 2014 sunday

Oct 18 2014 Saturday

Yesterday my class made Halloween ghosts. Today’s group of students walked in to spooky paper spirits hanging from the ceiling. As I walked to the front of the room to start class my students chatted with each other and pointed at the ghosts. “No Chinese!” I reminded them as my partner, Kat stuck each students … More Oct 18 2014 Saturday

Friday Oct 17 2014

Instead of teaching my regular class I was sent to a primary school today. The children in the 50 student class I was entertaining were very excited to see me. I even got “I love you” notes from some of the girls! As we walked through the hallway an excited buzz of young voices followed … More Friday Oct 17 2014

Sept 13 2014

I got directions to the zoo from Kat. We were taking our “Minions Class” there for their zoo unit. I arrived at the zoo entrance with plenty of time to spare, found a spot where I’d be visible, and then stood, waiting for Kat or the kids to start showing up. Nothing, nothing, nothing, finally … More Sept 13 2014