Too much TPR

There is no such thing as too much TPR” I explained to the applicant who’s face peered at me through my computer screen, drawing my arms across my body and shaking my head on the no, then counting out the letters on my fingers as i listed them off T-P-R.  “Even as an experienced ESL teacher, I … More Too much TPR

VIPKID Prop Fiasco

Drawing on my creative nature, I created magnetic thank you cards to send out to our wedding guests. Unfortunately, when ordering the cards I failed to take into account couples and families, and ordered enough thank you cards for each guest to have one! Two years later the box of extra thank you cards are … More VIPKID Prop Fiasco

Jack Ma Foundation

Last winter the online ESL company I work for, VIPKID, launched a pilot program with the goal of implementing online education in rural schools across the country. As my pregnancy progressed and I prepared for the new element of chaos that would soon be entering my life, I received an interesting notification from VIPKID. The … More Jack Ma Foundation

The Elusive Spring

We knew there must be an entrance to the spring. Jinan was known as “The City of Springs” for a reason, and we had first spotted the pool of water during a hike up one of the hills near our apartment. While teaching English for a company called “Happy English”, we worked Wednesday- Sunday, but … More The Elusive Spring


I had a bad feeling about the day and did not want to get out of bed. I was to head to the West end of town, the location of a second branch of our ESL school, for training. Training with Happy English, in Jinan China, so far had been a disorganized mess. For two … More “Training”