Have you ever experienced culture shock? Eaten at a restaurant where you couldn’t read the menu? Communicated with nothing but your body language and a series of points and jabs in different directions? My goal is to spread cultural understanding through my experiences and stories. If you dig into the archives of my blog you will find a journal entry for each day of the 15 months that I lived in Jinan, China. Since then I have been putting pieces of my time teaching, living, and traveling, together into a book. It is my hope that through my writing I can pass on a greater understanding of the world, and one day, I hope to write a copy of my book to be translated into Chinese.

I’ve gotten lost in the editing process a few times, but my biggest driving factor the last few years has been the amazing community surrounding VIPKID, my online ESL teaching job. I take a lot of inspiration from the connections I’ve made with other ESL teachers. Recently I have been trying to give back to that community through my blog posts. Mostly, when it comes to VIPKID, I write about funny stories from my classes, but sometimes I post resources up as well.

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  1. Oh Wow! I’m excited to read your blog posts! I will be moving to Jinan in a week and I’m dying to hear of other people’s experiences in Jinan and the rest of China!


  2. Hi Lingyun!~ Now I get a chance to know you through reading a bit of this about page.
    I think working in another country can be fun because you can immerse into a new culture. 🙂
    More power to you as you write and about to publish a book! ❤

    Lovely @ WORDS AND RHYTHM (www.lovelyrhythm.com)

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  3. Hello Lingyun. It is nice meeting you. From Canada to China and back again. This will be interesting to follow along and read your stories. It is always joy to see another part of the world through another’s eyes.

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    1. Welcome to my blog! Sorry I have not been posting for a while, I am 8 1/2 months pregnant, and have been preoccupied! But I will be back at it soon, and I’m excited to share my stories with you!

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      1. Hi! We are so glad to hear from you and can certainly understand your situation. Wow, how exciting!!!!! This is going to be great news about the birth. Joy, joy, joy for you! Looking forward to growing with you Lingyun.

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