How to increase trial conversion rates with VIPkid

When I started asking my trial students to repeat “I am happy!” at the end of class just after saying goodbye, I noticed that my conversion rate increased. Sometimes it is the smallest changes that make the biggest impact, so I asked some other teachers what small changes they had made to increase their trial conversion rates. Here’s the response!

  1. Include the parents in your class. Greet them, and say goodbye to them. If you are teaching the family unit ask them “Where is your mom? Where is your dad?” and encourage the parents to come on camera.
  2. Address the LP. Ask the LP to tell the parents how much you enjoyed the class, and that you would like to teach their child again. Though the teachers who use this method in trial classes have done it from the start, they swear that it is part of the reason for their high conversion rates. Try it out and let me know if you notice a change.
  3. Use fun props! One teacher started using a Google Slides prop for her trials and noticed a spike in her conversion rates. Whether you want to look into Google Slides props, or if you’d rather use a simpler reward system, having something that makes your class really fun and makes you as a teacher stand out can’t hurt your sign up rates. Get creative and mix it up!
  4. Send a free E-card after class. You may have noticed that we can send E-cards to our students through the phone app. If your scroll to the end of the list of E-cards, you will see some options that are free to send. Imagine trying out a program for the first time, and getting a personalized message from the teacher after class? Wouldn’t it make you want to sign up?

Thanks to all of the awesome teachers who shared their ideas! What small changes have made the biggest impact in your classroom? Please add to the list by commenting below!

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