What is my VIPkid teacher ID

If you work for VIPkid for long enough, you might get involved in the builders program and you will eventually need to know your teacher ID number. After I have had to search how and where to find my teacher ID number an embarrassing number of times I decided to save the information in a quick blog post!

Click on the referral tab in your teachers portal to copy your referral link. Alternatively hover your mouse over the “Refer now” drop down menu to select your referral link.

Select copy link. Your referral link will be copied to your clipboard.

The last sequence of numbers after the = sign is your teacher ID.

I hope you found this helpful!

3 thoughts on “What is my VIPkid teacher ID

    1. Thanks! I received some advice that I really liked, which was to start writing about things I find myself looking up constantly. I’m going to keep doing this! Also I’m going to start posting links I find useful. It’s an aspect of blogging I hadn’t really considered, to write for myself!


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