The evolution of VIPkid teacher reward systems

Sometimes, as VIPkid teachers, it’s important not to make things too complicated for ourselves! When I first started working for VIPkid, I created an individualized reward system for each of my regular students. As my list of “regulars” grew longer, my desk grew messier. I started choosing three different props to use throughout the day, but found that some of my regulars would refuse them all! One even repeatedly asked me to use my dog as a reward system! Sometimes it is OK to go back to the basics, and not offer quite so much choice! Besides, there are many more ways to make our lessons special for those students we look forward to seeing!

How has your journey with VIPkid changed since you first started? If you share I might draw a comic strip of it during my next trial class cancellation!


VIPkid is the online English Teaching company that I work with! If you want to find out more about VIPkid, e-mail me at or read more by following my referral link:


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