Thousand Buddha Mountain

I thought of rewriting this, but instead I thought I would just re-blog it as is. I think it has it’s own kind of charm, even if it is not exactly how I write these days.

"China" Figure it Out

Sonya and Rose had offered to take us to one of the main tourists attractions in Jinan called Thousand Buddha Mountain. They told us that if we went before the first tour at 6:00am we could get in for free. Nate set the alarm for 3:30am! Even though we’d discussed setting it for 4:00. “Huh, what time is it? That’s not the alarm is it?” I muttered completely disoriented and confused.

“Yeah it is,” Nate replied, “lets snooze for half an hour.”

“Ok,” sleep.

Alarm goes off again, “What? It hasn’t been 30 minutes yet.” I felt as if the alarm had just gone off the first time.

“Yeah it is,” came Nate’s sad voice.

I drag myself out of bed. It’s pitch dark. My eyes are mostly still closed. I zombie out just sitting on the bed for a while. Finally I get dressed.

Nate made breakfast though my…

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