DIY Dino Puppet

I was talking to another VIPKID blogger from wanderdolls about the need for a travel sized VIPKID Dino puppet. I’ve taken matter into my own hands and I have designed this guy!

Yellow construction paper
Markers, pencils, erasors
Either a laminator or cardboard and glue

STEP 1: Draw Dino on yellow construction paper. Here is a guide from another blogger on how to draw Dino:

How to Draw Dino

Step 2:

Instead of arms draw two circles the width of your fingers.

Step 3

Cut out Dino and the finger holes

Step 4

Make sure your fingers fit through the finger holes

Step 5

Color or decorate however you would like!

Now all you have to do is laminate him, or glue him to a hard backing like construction paper, and you have a compact little Dino prop to slide in your suitcase.


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