Red-Bicycle part 2

I taught Vern in my online classroom again today.  Now in case you missed red-bicycle part 1, in our shapes section Vern has been calling the triangle “bicycle” and the rectangle “red-bicycle”. We are now moving on to the transportation unit, and so I had my laminated car, train, airplane, and bicycle out as teaching props. Conveniently enough, we were also reviewing shapes throughout the lesson.

Whenever Vern called the rectangle “red-bicycle” I was ready. I would hold up my red marker, and then the laminated picture of the bicycle, and with all of the expressiveness I could muster I would ask “Red-bicycle???”

Vern thought this was hilarious. When he’d finally managed breath between giggles he would try to correct himself by saying “red-triangle,” to which I would respond with my red marker and by circling the triangle on the ppt.

He thought this was pretty funny too, but fortunately took a little bit less recovery time, and I was able to get him to calm down enough to repeat “Rec-tan-gle,” after me, clapping out the syllables.

He had managed to get as far as “Rec-triangle,” on his own by the end of class.


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