November 03 2014

Nate and I sent two more boxes home this morning. With all of our students bringing us gifts it seems like we might have to ship even more stuff! Our last day is the 07th and there’s still so much to do!

We met up with some of the west centre crew for dinner, and then headed as a group to a haunted house. They made us split into groups of four. The haunted house was pretty fun, but made all the better when Nate, Sonya, Katrina, and I, who had gone through first, decided to hide and scare our unsuspecting friends. I hid in a coffin, and when the second group came in the room I slowly rose up. There were a few screams as Nate jumped out, but then I heard Joe say “Wait, is that Jenn?” I slowly shrunk back into my coffin and hid until the joke was up.

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