November 02 2014

Katrina was standing in front of the door to our centre, all but stamping her feet in frustration, “I get docked pay when I come in late,” she fumed. “How am I supposed to sign in on time when I can’t get in the door?” Katrina is not a morning person. Neither am I for that matter, but I had some street food to eat, and since this was my last week of work, most of my energy was going into packing, and travel planning, not worrying about on time arrivals.

Eventually the woman with the key showed up, and Katrina stomped on in to the office. I had a busy day to prepare for. I was doing my third and final day of Halloween today, starting with Harry Potter class this morning, and Nate and Katrina had agreed to let me trick our treat with them. “My kids need candy too.” Katrina muttered as I passed her the package I was hoping she’d hand out.

I was completely taken aback, “I don’t have enough,” I replied. I’m not much of a morning person either.

Why don’t you give them these?” Nate asked, passing me his bag of packaged cookies, and defusing the situation before it could heat up.

Yeah ok, fine,” I passed the cookies to Katrina, but muttered to Nate, “It’s not your job to provide the whole centre with candy.”

30 minutes later, as my children filed in chatting excitedly in their costumes, my annoyance defused. It was a Halloween celebration after all. I was glad we were able to trick or treat. The children were adorable in their costumes, and, though I was getting sick of wearing mine, I had my outfit and mask on.

The first 20 minutes of class were completely unproductive. The children were just way to wound up about their costumes. The second hour of class was spent lining up and trick or treating, so it total we only got in about 40 minutes of work. It was still fun, but I was ready for Halloween excitement to come to an end.

I was already exhausted by the time I walked into the door for Pineapple class, and was not ready to face wild Louis. Ten minutes into class Louis gave me a good, solid whack. He went on timeout in the back of the class, and after words he was the epitome of good behaviour, until suddenly he was up and running at Bob. As I was trying to take control of the situation, Louis threw himself over a chair and tackled Sam to the ground! After that Holly had to act as a human shield, keeping Louis away from the other students.

Lunch break was spent going through my mess of a locker, where I had accumulated teaching props, little prizes, and tones of hand made, laminated, lesson material. I gave most of it away to my fellow teachers.

My class of three and four year olds was a much needed cuteness break after a very hectic day.

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