Friday October 31 2014

Happy Halloween! At 11:30 am Nate and I walked down our 5 flights of concrete steps. Nate raised a hand to the guard as we walked out of our building complex, and turned left towards Uni-mart. Katrina, Andy, and Susie were waiting for us, we had agreed to take a cab together. It didn’t take us too long to wave down a car. We were on our way to the West centre for Halloween. All regular classes had been canceled to make way for the big Halloween party!

We arrived a little early, so Andy suggested killing time at Yo Cafe. The design of the building was really neat, and featured a wall of falling water in place of windows. This gave the cafe a really cool vibe. I had gotten so used to the falling water that I was surprised to find it sunny outside when we left.

I had a lot of fun scaring my colleagues with my pirate mask. I snuck up behind Kat, who screamed and started freaking out at me! I just laughed. I must have been feeling on the wild side that night, because I decided to get our boss, Sarah. Sarah lives her life without much humour. Once Nate brought fake ink to school. We tried for a long time to convince someone to “get” Sarah, but no one was brave enough. I walked up right behind our boss, and stood very close to her waiting for her to turn around. Sarah yells into her phone every day. We hear it through the wall in our office. Sarah has yelled at me more then a few times. I usually don’t agree with her reason for showing of how well her lungs and vocal chords work, but the string of Chinese phrases that came out of her mouth when she turned around and saw me were well deserved. That woman really can yell! My reaction was another bought of giggles as I lifted my mask and Sarah attempted to swat me with the stack of paper she was carrying. I dodged her, laughing, as she held her chest in shock, and then cracked a small smile before marching off down the hall to put her voice farther to “good use”.

We were able to get a quick dance practice session in before we were handed over crowds of rowdy, excited children. The kids were to do a fashion show to show their costumes off to their mom and dad. Nate and I were the leaders of one group together. We led the children to a classroom to “practice our walk”. Nate came up with the idea of a circular motion with the arm while yelling “SOOO FASHION”. We were given way to long to practice our walk, and our group of kids quickly grew restless.

We were group three. We led our children out, got them oriented, yelled “SOOO FASHION” as a group, and then led the children to the “Row 3” tape line. Except group 2 was already completely covering row 3, and half of row 4. As predicted we did not have nearly enough space.

Everyone was squeezed into the room as tightly as possible. It was hard to tell who had less room to breath, the parents or the children. Our dance was next, and with the heat of all the bodies pressed in together, I was sweating by the end of it. I took a breather in the hallway before poking my head in to watch the West Centre’s ghost buster dance. I was just glad I was taller then most of the parents or I would of had no hope of seeing the stage.

I had been assigned to the Black Jack table, but it took a while before we had enough parents to play a real game. Though I wasn’t a huge fan of the idea of gambling with children’s hard earned candy, it was pretty fun to have the opportunity to socialize with the parents. After a while I managed to slip away from the table so I could check out all of the games in action. Most of it seemed to be working out pretty smoothly. I spent a while in the haunted house, and had a great time jumping out in my pirate mask!

The party was awesome, but when it had gone a solid hour over time, with no sign of stopping, my colleagues and I started to get restless. We had a ten hour day of classes hanging over our heads in the morning, and at least a 30 minute cab ride home, and on a Friday night it would be at least an hour wait for a cab. Plus the group of us had planned to get a drink at the bar to celebrate Halloween adult style before calling it a night. The night ended on a sour note, but overall I would still call the party a success.

As predicted cabs were hard to find, and we drew quite a crowd on the streets in our costumes. Eventually we made it to Lazy’s, and were able to enjoy that drink before calling it quits for the night.

Happy Halloween!


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