Thursday October 23 2014

We practiced The Time Warp dance about a million times today. Our entire centre of teachers, American and Chinese, piled into a contingency of cabs to take us West across the city to our sister centre. The big Halloween event will be held on an upper floor of their school. The entire floor is being used as our haunted house, and it is looking amazing. I just hope it’s not too scary for the little ones.

Nate and I are to be stationed at the black jack table. That’s right our school promotes gambling. The children gain tokens from participating in different activities, which they can later cash in for candy, and the parents are being encouraged to gamble those precious candy tokens away at the black jack table!

It sounds like we are going to have a huge turn out, which is my biggest concern. There should be plenty of space for everyone to fit in the floor with one exception: the stage area. There is no way there is enough space for the crowds around the stage, never mind the children after their presentation. There are tape lines showing where our rows of kids are supposed to sit, but the rows are way to close together. Our dance, however, is going to be fantastic.


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