October 22 2014

I had Starfruit class today, and we are on the kitchen unit. This unit has WAY too many vocabulary words, including “washing machine”, “mop” and “broom”. Maybe a mop and broom could be kept in a corner of the kitchen, but I have never heard of a washing machine in a kitchen!

Despite the difficulty all of us teachers complain about when it comes to the kitchen unit, kitchen remains Katrina’s favourite unit. The reason is that we teach the word fork. The R sound can sometimes be a tricky one for our Chinese students, and not all of our children are great at distinguishing between vowel sounds either. Drop the R from fork, and I’m sure you can understand why my colleague found this unit so amusing.

After my success with Minions class, I thought I’d try The Sims out with my Starfruit class. I appreciate the amazingness of my children in Minions class all the more every time I try and repeat an activity I found successful with that group of students. The Sims was not the brilliant success in Starfruit class as it had been in Minions class. I guess this group is a little to young to see a game in class and not completely loose their cool for two hours straight. Yeah “fork” is right.


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