Tuesday October 21 2014

Today was our shopping day! I had to resist shopping on our way to the market so that we wouldn’t run out of time to shop! We checked out a few different markets, the main goal being to find silk for my wedding dress. When we finally got to the silk market we found ourselves passing through entire floors filled with bags, and shoes, wonder where the heck the silk was located! There were no signs for the silk floor, but eventually we did manage to find it. After two full laps around the building, browsing and bargaining, I finally picked out my material.

Back at the hostel we had some time to kill before we had to get the train home. I collapsed in the cushions at the bar, while Nate went up to order us drinks. “Do you make long island ice teas?” Nate asked the two girls behind the bar.

Wait a moment,” one girl said, pulling out her phone to look up the drink. “Yes we can make,” she informed Nate.

Glancing back and forth at the recipe she poured all of the different types of liquor into the glasses, while her colleague giggled. “You are going to be so drunk!”

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