October 20 2014 The Summer Palace

The summer palace is a huge! We spent the day wondering through the expanse of buildings, not really sure where we were.

Finally, after getting ourselves nicely lost in the maze of buildings we found someone selling a good map. Once we were able to locate where we were we headed towards the lake, where we took a scenic boat ride.

The whole place had a very romantic feel to it. It was a shame that most of it had to be reconstructed after the French-Anglo forces destroyed it during the second opium war.

We bought lunch on “Suzhou street”, which hosted a strip of restaurants and unique souvenir shops. The road was built to imitate the ancient style canal streets of Suzhou City, “The venice of the East”.

We did some Hutong shopping after returning to our hostel, and then stopped at a restaurant for dinner. The restaurant sold mixed drinks in a bucket! After splitting a bucket of rum and coke, I was a little giddy walking back to the hostel.

Once home we settled in against the cushions in the bar with cold glasses of mojitos which were on for 2 for 1. I got a lot of good cat time with one of the resident cats, and managed to knock the cat food flying! One to many mojitos for me.


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