Tuesday Oct 07 2014

Tuesday’s schedule is Saturday’s schedule, and Wednesday’s schedule is also Saturday’s schedule. But Saturday’s schedule is Thursday’s schedule… confused? Me to. Don’t ask me to clarify I’m tired of questioning the order of things. We were at work bright and early in the morning and the transition from holiday to early morning work hours was tough. 

After the break I wasn’t the only one struggling to get back on routine. My four hour minions class was brutal, the kids seemed to have forgotten everything during the week while they were away.

Starfruit class was fun at least. We were nearing the end of the fruit unit, and it was time for fruit tasting. The main object of the fruit tasting was to demonstrate sweet and sour so among my selection of sweet treats I also had lemons. My absolute favourite part of fruit tasting was capturing the students’ sour faces as they bit into the lemon.


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