Oct 03 2014 Inner Mongolia

Our tour to the great wall and hot springs was canceled today. To be honest it was a bit of a relief not to have to get back in a bus. Instead, after a desperate search for coffee (where we discovered that all of the coffee shops were closed in the morning), and a stop at a store to buy mongolian milk tea an goat cheese, I piled in a cab with the rest of our group members to ride out to the museum.

The mongolian history was really interesting and they had cool aspects of the culture: armour, weapons, horse saddles, and life sized models on display.

The bottom floor was dinosaurs. I began to realized I’d maybe been cooped up a little to long with my friends for the last couple days, when I blew up at Joe over a argument about dinosaurs, the arc, and the bible.

Nate and I broke off from the group for lunch and shopping.


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