Saturday September 27 2014

The gallons of chinese head cold prevention drink I have been consuming are not helping! My throat is worse this morning! With our trip to inner mongolia coming up I don’t wanna be sick!

Today was a long day. My minions class had fun on their sea animals unit. I have some good activities for it. My favourite song to play for this unit is called “There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea” that lists a bunch of different sea creatures that live in this hole. I had my group run to collect laminated sea creatures from circles I drew on the ground to be the hole. Pretty classic. I also like to make a search and find activity, by sticking all of the sea creatures up on the smart board which is set to a sea-like background. I hide the creatures behind rocks and plants and the children get to look and see what’s underneath.

The only issue I have with minions class is that the class time is too long. Most of our lessons last two hours and take place twice a week, but minions is four hours long and only once a week. I guess it’s easier for the parents who only have to travel to Happy English once a week this way, but it’s a long stretch of time, and a lot of material for one day, especially for the young children.

I had an activity class after lunch but didn’t find out the topic until lunch time. I had to eat between washing up peanut butter dishes and planning a very last minute lesson plan.

“Oh so easy!” one of my activity class students, Frank, said at every vocabulary word and sentence. At least I was able to keep the group busy, even if I didn’t get a choice about the content. I’ve built up a pretty good game bank over the past year for moments like this.

As I mentioned Starfruit Class is on the fruit unit. Today I hid plastic fruit all over the classroom and let the children find and name the items. One of my youngest girls, Malida, got her arm stuck in the window bars! Fortunately she wasn’t too hard to get unstuck.


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