Friday September 26 2014

I am trying not to make a big deal about he fact that our “golden week” holiday has been shortened to five days, and in order to even get those we’ve had to give up two of our usual days off. I am doing my best to keep my mouth shut but can not help but inwardly seethe at the completely empty schedule that lasts for the three days after we return.

Calen, one of our newest foreign teachers has been dropping snarky comments all day, and rattling off about why guns are so fantastic, again. SO ANNOYING. Also we had a meeting. Two. Hours. To. Tell. us. Three. Things. Granted a few of those items should have been common sense: wear shirts and shoes in class people! We were also told to keep the class windows closed… but sometimes we need the air in those rooms!

To top all of the annoying aspects of the day off I had a sore throat, come on Chinese voodoo, work!

After all of the frustrations from the beginning of my shift were out of the way, I made it into the kitchen with my celery, peanut butter, and raisins. Pineapple class is in the fun stage between levels where I get to invent whatever topic I want to teach them. Last week we learned fruit, and butterfly life cycle words after reading “The very hungry caterpillar”. Today I carried on the theme started by the butterfly with “bugs”. Ants on a log were my fun snack time twist.

“Jenn-y-fer! Are you cooking?” Lulu poked her head around the door. Activity in the kitchen often draws a crowd, and I have had to defend my cookies from staff room hoards in the passed!

“Just making a snack for my class,”

“What is it?”

I showed her my creations, “Want to try one?”

“Oooo” Lucy said as she crunched my her celery snack, “Jenn-y-fer you will make a good wife!”

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