Thursday September 25 2014

Sonya came with us to the hutong today in order to help us send money home. Nate and I are able to send money on our own, but we are limited to sending 500 USD each at a time. As a Chinese citizen, Sonya can send 2000 USD in one go. Nate and I had put off the complicated process of sending money home for a good chunk of our trip, and so we had stockpiled a large sum of cash in our bed’s secret nook. Throughout the summer we’d been trying to send home money on a regular bases, but it hadn’t always gone as planned, and each trip was very time consuming. Sonya’s help was much appreciated!

By the time we had gotten our money on it’s way home we were late for school. We’d already called and explained the situation to Candy, so we felt it wouldn’t hurt to swing by the clothing maker’s store to see if there was a possibility of getting Nate’s shirt today. We were in luck! Nate’s shirt was ready! When Nate had placed his order for the chinese style top he had spent a good deal of time looking at designs before finally admitting that the shirt he really liked was the one the clothing maker was wearing! I got a good shot of the two of them in their matching outfits.

Harry potter class is studying the school unit. Technically they are all done the course, except that two units, “school” and “jobs” have been tacked on to the end. The units are very disjointed, not well outlined, an cover some very difficult content. I’ve been doing my best to structure them! As an activity for today’s class I had created pictures of different subjects so the children could arrange the subjects into the order of their school day.


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