Wednesday september 24 2014

We were told to come to the hutong for 3:00 pm to pick up Nate’s shirt, but the clothing maker with his Fu-man-chu beard wasn’t there. The number he gave us was wrong, so I guess we’ll have to come back another day.

I taught the fruit unit in starfruit class today. Fruit is a fun one because we have a “market” set up in one of the rooms. It’s full of plastic fruits and vegetables, and is usually used for children who have come in for a demo. It also makes a handy “field trip”, especially for the young classes. Even when staying in class for the day these objects, borrowed from the market, became useful props. My whole way of teaching “fruit” changed when I came to the realization that any game played with a ball could also be played with a plastic fruit item!

We had: fruit basketball, fruit hot potato, fruit target games, fruit cup toss, and of course the fruit-backwards-basket toss and catch that caused so much trouble at the mall presentations during the summer. I’ve also been known to put together a fruit grab and feel bag, and of course the best part of the fruit unit is when I bring bags of fresh fruit into the classroom to share.


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