Friday September 19 2014

Baby potato, who is the infant son of one of the marketing staff women, just wants to have his feet on the ground. He doesn’t move his feet separately very well yet, he just jumps in the direction he wants to go! Today he wanted to lie face down on my lap, but every time he did he would kick his leg in a weird humping motion! Really awkward but really funny.

Apple season has returned, and trucks piled high with apples have begun to appear outside our apartment. Now I really feel like we’ve been here a year. Buying apples from possibly the same truck was how I had met Sonya just over a year ago!


5 thoughts on “Friday September 19 2014

    1. Can you send me pictures??? I miss him! I need to message his mommy again. We sent him a christmas present last year. He was super attached to Nate when we were living there, and Nate said he was his “Canadian father” 😀

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