Monday September 15 2014

Nate’s Aunt has promised to make us a quilt if we bring her back some material from China. We had decided that today we would make fabric hunting our mission. I thought there would be fabric in the market, Nate thought the taobao flea market would have some. Neither had what we were looking for. After a lot of walking and the two failed attempts, we were directed by some helpful locals to a street that was supposed to be good.

The cab driver was useless. He brought us to the wrong place entirely and we had to get a bus back to the street we were looking for. Still confused, we stopped for food and advice and were directed to an area that was supposed to be fabric central. The problem was the stores only had material for blankets and sheets, and most of it was cutesy animals rather then the Chinese style print we were looking for.

Frustrated, and tired I flew into a rage, “Why are we even looking for new fabric for quilts? Aren’t’ they supposed to be made of scraps! I don’t even like quilts.” I concluded. Just as we were about to give up we found the store we were looking for . It had piles of different materials, so we went through the selection and bought two meters of everything we liked. Mission complete. 

Ps. The quilt turned out gorgeous, so the mission was worth completing in the end.

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