Thursday August 28 2014

I had another pizza making session today with some of my kids. This time it was Harry Potter class. Everything went well until the parent presentation. The children had voted to give the parents the last pizza (something that had worked really well in Pineapple class), and so I brought it out to pass around during the parent presentation. Suddenly the children ran from their seats and swarmed my jumping and grabbing at the pizza like a pack of wild animals! Most of the pizza ended up on the floor and half the class was crying because they did not get any. When I had all of the children back in their seats (with one parent very concerned that her child had not gotten a piece, like the chaos she’d witnessed was something ordinary and appropriate) I explained to the parents that their children had already eaten two pizzas, and had voted to give this pizza to their parents. I was not impressed with their behaviour, and there will be no more pizza classes for Harry Potter on my watch.

Hannah translated my speech to the parents, but she did not confront the children. The group of wild students got louder and louder forcing Hannah to yell over them. The parents did nothing about their children’s shameful behaviour. After the parents and children left the classroom and Hannah and I were faced with cleaning up spilt pizza she said to me “Those kids are so bad. They don’t listen, and are not respectful!”

I nodded in agreement, “We’ll go over the rules from now on before the parents come in,” I promised her, “Don’t let them walk over you, If they are bad make them sit and be quiet before you keep talking. And you don’t have to give them their dollars.”


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