HAPPY ANNIVERSARY NATE! Friday August 15 2014

Yesterday we had finalized August 15 2015 to be our wedding date, and today I had some devious plans. In Yangshao we had learned of an old wedding tradition. The woman would give a ornamental ball to the man she wanted to marry. If he kept it then the couple would get married one year from that date. I had secretly purchased one of these ornamental balls. Seeing as we’d chosen the date the night before, I didn’t have much time to prepare, and so I had to think fast!

Nate loves puns, so I chose to propose with as many puns as possible. I started off by making a strip of four pictures, one of Will Ferrell, Hugh Jackman, Mother Mary, and myself. To go along with it I folded up an origami Yoda, and a Pikachu box. After work I took him out to dinner at Lazie’s bar. It went like this “I know Yoda-done this already, but Will Hugh Mary me?” and then I gave him the Pikachu box, which said “I choose you! You’re so handsome it’s shocking.” and inside was the ornamental ball with a little note that read “Marrying you will be a ball!” He accepted.

And now it is one year since our wedding date! We celebrated today back on the lake we got married at, opening advice notes written to us on our wedding date and saved for our first anniversary. Happy one year Nate!

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