Monday August 04 2014

Every since Nate proposed I had been on a mission to get a dress made for the wedding. Apparently Sonya knew of a dress maker who had designed a dress for her friend’s wife. Today we would travel to their part of Jinan, so that we could meet with the dress maker in the morning. The bus took about an hour to get there, and we missed the stop. We had to get off and call Sonya’s friend to give us directions. It was a bit of a walk, but this part of Jinan was pretty, and many of the houses had gardens, so I didn’t mind. Sonya kept eyeing up the western style buildings we passed by, while I loved the old chinese style ones. Sonya’s friends house had a picture hanging up behind their TV that covered the entire wall. Their couches were a traditional Chinese style, and they had silk curtains over the windows.

Sonya and I were told to “qingzuo” (please sit), and were brought fruit and nuts to snack on. Sonya put on a movie for us to watch, while her friend and his wife amicably prepared dinner in the next room. The food was delicious, fresh, homemade and healthy.

The dress maker came over later that night, and we talked through some different designs. I felt comfortable with her, and we would go to her shop tomorrow to talk about price and see some different styles.


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