Sunday July 27 2014

Today was our party in Pineapple class! I handed out the party hats we’d made the day before. Hannah had been trying to blow up these long thin balloons the school had bought us, but they were so cheaply made that they just popped. The balloons didn’t work as balloons, but they made perfect straps for the hats! I ended up taking my hat off five minutes into class, but most of the kids kept theirs on for the entire two hours! We made paper chains as a warm up activity to add to the classroom decor. Most of the children were able to work on the paper chains together, but Louis got his own chain, in his own chair, so that he could make the chain exactly the way he wanted it without murdering the kid who screwed it up!

I had told the children I would be bringing chips and drinks to share, and Hannah had suggested that the children could bring in a small snack as well. We ended up with so much food that my chips and juice didn’t even get touched! We had a feast during break, that ended up lasting half an hour! I justified the long “break” with the fact that they children had to speak English, using sentences such as “More chips please”, and “Candy is sweet.” These food share classes are really interesting for me as I get to try snacks that I have never had before.

After the party I had nothing for the rest of the day. Tomorrow we’re going on a school trip to Guoliang tunnel, which is in Huixian, Xinxiang, Henan province. I really wanted to get off early so I could get my packing done, but it was not happening. Joe and stopped at the supermarket on the way home to pick up snacks and drinks for the long bus ride.

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