Wednesday July 23 2014

After making a huge fuss about the activity classes we were to make, I found today that the school had made up their own curriculum instead. My class today was supposed to be about sports, but really what I was given was a really boring lesson plan on verbs.

Nate and I needed to get money sent home, but once again we were on opposite schedules (we both needed to go so we could each send money and maximize the amount we were able to send out.). I didn’t want a fight. I hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before as I was having nightmares about office chairs. I tried twice to talk to Candy during work, but she kept telling me she was busy. In the end I had to call from home, and she tried to argue that I come in at 9:00- 5:00. I told her the bank closed at 4:00 pm, so that time was no good. Finally she agreed.


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