Tuesday July 22 2014

I was invited to Minnie’s house for noodles. Nate’s been tutoring Minnie every Tuesday night (that we’re not on holidays) for a while now. It was so special to be welcomed into their home. Minnie’s mom seemed to be so excited to share her cooking with us. The noodles were delicious- a type of cold dish that soon became a summer favourite. We searched it out from the street food vendors after eating it at Minnie’s house, though nothing was as good as Minnie’s mom’s of course.

We once again made an attempt at sending money home via Western Union. The whole process has been entirely more complicated then we expected. Today we found out the time that Wester Union closes for the day… which was before we arrived, so instead we went the Melana’s for lunch. Melana’s is a foreign food restaurant that is probably one of the most gorgeously located places to eat in Jinan. It’s set along the canal right across from the square. It’s a little expensive, but it has a fantastic selection of beers, (even some varieties I can enjoy) and stone oven pizza. Anyways today I ordered caesar salad. It’s hard to find a good salad over in these parts, as Chinese food tends to cook all vegetables.



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