Sunday July 20 2014

“Louis you’re not one of us,” (translated from chinese by my CT) my favourite class kept telling the new boy at lunch, who in response made hitting them and running away into a game. Pineapple class has been a challenge. Not that Hannah isn’t a good teacher, but she just doesn’t know the kids like Melissa did. Louis is a handful. He knocked all of the kids donkey tails (from pin the tail on the donkey) down after I told him he had to try again. He went into monkey zone, and the kids tails went more or less back where they had been earlier, but Louis was in a bad mood the rest of class. Alex especially has difficulty with Louis. Alex has a particular way he likes things to be, with no deviation… and so does Louis. Sometimes their individual ideas of the particular way things should go does not match up.

I sympathize with Louis. My class of angels have turned into devils. They are being mean bullies to him, refusing to include him and telling him he is not one of them. But Louis is hitting, and that is NOT ok. I had Louis go in a time out for two minutes, and then allowed him to come sit back down. He appeared to be obeying, but then almost as an after thought he ran at Bob and waked him with his metal water bottle! “LOUIS NO!” I yelled, separating him from Bob. “Hannah, take Louis out of here. He can’t stay in class like this.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Just take him into the hall, he can’t be hitting kids with water bottles. If he can’t behave take him to the office and get a CT to watch him until he can come back to class.” Hopefully Hannah will take my advice and talk to Louis’s parents. I know what Louis needs, and it’s not to be kicked out of class. I’ve worked with children who have special needs, and though I have not information on Louis I know some techniques I could try to help him in class, but I need the one-on-one time, or at least someone who can work one-on-one with him.


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