Saturday July 19 2014

Today’s Nate’s birthday, so I talked to Muffin about ordering him a cake. Muffin had replied, and then taken off somewhere. Lunch came and went, and still no cake. I went in search of Muffin to see if it had gotten ordered. It hadn’t and he wasn’t planning to tell me about it either. Kat said she’d help me place an order, and we went to the store next door to pick it out.

Nate was having a pancake party in his class for his birthday! I told him I could finish cooking the pancakes, as he had to set up his classroom. Muffin stopped me on my way to the kitchen, “You know really you should ask Candy before you leave the school.”

“Where’s Candy?”

“I don’t know, I think in class.”

“Do you really want me to interrupt Candy’s class to ask to go next door? I’ve never had to ask before to pick up something.”

“It is the rules that you should ask Candy.”

“What rules, I’ve never heard these rules. I have to go help Nate.” I say finally slipping by him.

A few minutes later Muffin found me in the kitchen. “I just want to apologize,” He began, “ I didn’t mean to get you in trouble, I would not tell Candy, I just want to let you know.” Muffin is a truly nice guy, even if he is used to do his bosses dirty work at times. He seems to believe in his core that if he does his job really well then his bosses will take care of him. I hope his positive attitude doesn’t get crushed.

“I’m sorry Muffin, for blowing up at you. I just get very frustrated at this job and don’t feel at home here.”

“Don’t worry, just do well in your classes and then you will be happier.”

“Well it doesn’t seem to work that way,” I sighed flipping pancakes with a bit too much agitated energy then necessary, “It seems to me like I get in trouble for doing well. My classes are going great, it’s not a problem with my classes. When I was doing worse at my classes I was left alone, but now that I’m doing really well I’m getting in trouble for the silliest things. Like at home if an employee is hardworking, gets their stuff done, and always comes in on time or early they are trusted and let to do their own thing. Here I get in trouble for doing a good job which makes me want to do worse in my job. I mean the way I was treated yesterday, I was told things to make me feel bad about myself that had nothing to do with work. I was told that FTs were complaining about me, but not official complaints, stuff said over drinks after work. I almost walked out of the office, got my stuff and left, and if I’m treated like that again I will.”

“We should just do our job and know we do a good job, and not worry what others say because we know we do a good job.”

Instead of launching into an explanation about what I really mean, to Muffin who is having as hard a time grasping the cultural difference as I am, I just say “yeah,” and pour the last of the batter in the pan.

“No one is happy with their job,” says Muffin, “We just do the job and be happy with our friends and boyfriend,”

“I am, usually. I’m almost always happy with my job. I don’t work jobs I’m not happy with. I don’t work jobs like this. The job I had at home felt like home, I was really happy there.”

“Well you will work here and then you can go back there.”


By the time the cake arrived Nate’s class was already happening,  so I had to rush Nate into the office to cut the thing before everyone went home!

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