Sunday July 13 2014

There are three balloons taped at the front of my class. They are part of my daily reward system. Anytime the children get too crazy BANG there are only two balloons at the front of my class… We’re on the party unit. This “reward system” developed from Nate, who used to chase his kids down the hallway to the bathroom, balloon and popping device (such as a sharp pencil) in hand. Sometimes the kids want the balloon to be popped, and other times they find the whole thing just a little to exciting, so it usually causes more problems then anything, but hey at least either way my class still goes off with a bang!

I wanted to do something fun with Harry Potter class before their summer holidays started, so I put candies in balloons, blew them up, and wrote English words on the outside. The idea was that the kids would have to word match the balloons with a particular party item, and then pop the balloons to get the candy. I saved the balloons for the end of class during the parent presentation. I did not anticipate how far the candies would fly across the room when the balloon exploded! Even the kids who had been a little bit worried about he sound of popping balloons were laughing!

So I found out at lunch that today was Melissa’s last day. If I’d known I wouldn’t of scheduled the next two classes to be pizza making and park! (I scheduled those where they were because I thought I would still have Melissa at that point.)

I knew Lainey would be going on maternity leave today, but I had no idea that she would be leaving Jinan until December (we leave in November). I found out at lunch in the midst of being rushed off to Kids Want for another event.

I was hit with a sudden bout of food poisoning in the middle of the presentation, and I had to waddle off to the washroom with a tiny scrap of paper that Kat had given me. Thank god we had an extra teacher with us today, because they were halfway through the next presentation before I came out. Got to go home a little early.


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