Thursday July 10 2014

Apparently today was Ray’s (one of the West Centre’s teachers) “special day” so our entire school was shipped out to the West Centre to sit in the back of Ray’s class- a lot of people watching one class, I’m more impressed with the kids then the teacher at staying focused through all that.

Candy has been pushing lesson plans, and as we sat in a classroom as Ray “shared the secret to his success” with us Candy asked him about the importance of lesson planning. She had been singing his praises, but quickly shut her mouth when he stated that lesson plans were not important, he never did them, and he usually just used the same plan from one class to the next.

Ray’s class was good, and I’ll admit it was nice to be able to all get together and throw ideas around. I think the timing, with Ray’s contract renewal coming up, was just a little fishy.

We got our prints back from the wedding photos. They’ve been well and truly photoshopped. They’ve trimmed down my belly and my butt, and removed all of Nate’s wrinkles, and even his beard! We look like teenagers…

Our package included a book of 14 photos, two prints, and a giant poster as well as a key chain. Pretty sweet deal for $50.






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