Sunday July 06 2014

We had a breakfast of peanut butter and jam sandwiches, with juice to wash them down, in Harry Potter class today. The food served the purpose of demonstrating “spreading”, “cutting”, “eating”, and “drinking”, which were all current vocabulary words.

We were back at the mall, for the third time, for another promotional event. The routines getting pretty good. Lunch was a huge rush, but we were done early, and got to spend an hour blowing up balloons with marketing while we waited to see if there were enough kids for another group. The hang out time with the marketing staff (who we don’t see much on a regular basis) was super cool.

Since the crackdown on street food the police have put up barriers to stop the shops from setting back up on the streets, and I guess decided that this would fix the problem because they now have gone back to doing whatever they do when they’re not shutting down food carts. Of course everyone has moved around the barriers and resumed their normal set up on the streets. One time the police put up barriers to stop the cars from driving on the sidewalk. The next day enough barriers had been removed to allow the cars back on the sidewalks…

We went to BBQ with the new guys, Carl and Joe again. Since the food band’s been lifted our favourite place was back up and running! Carl and Joe have been complaining about the state of their apartment, which apparently was not cleaned at all before they moved in. Someone’s been in to clean I guess, so when we went up to check it out we were actually really jealous. There bedrooms, two bathrooms and large kitchen and living room, with fresh paint on the walls!

Went out- Carl tagged along, but Joe stayed in. Carl got drunk and lost their only house key… called Joe and told him his wallet was stolen (house key with it I assume) which was not accurate. There’s something funny about the Carl guy, he likes to talk, and not all his stories are adding up.


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