Saturday July 05 2014

In China there is a belief that hot water is good for you, and cold water is bad. Therefore all of the water coolers have a hot water setting. This is amazing for mornings such as this one when the early morning makes it necessary to chug gallons of tea in order to survive through the first two hour class. I was lucky Nate came to school at the same time as me today, because I was basically sleep walking to work.

We were learning about family, so I brought in some pictures my mom had sent me in a care package, and had the kids guess who everyone was. They said my parents were grandparents, and I was having a hard time not laughing as I pictured my mom’s reaction.

I found twister piled in a corner in the office. It has since become a favourite in my starfruit class (mostly 4 and 5 year olds). It’s a great warm up activity, since it practices colours, and the children always have a blast.

In tutoring today we were able to Skype with one of the kid’s pen pals! Pretty cool for my Chinese students to meet someone who lives in Canada!

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