Thursday July 03 2014

We’ve been meaning to send money home, but using Western Union proved to be harder then expected. Apparently we need a pile of paperwork that the school is not willing to supply us. The big thing is exchanging our money into USD, which is the currency that it needs to be sent out in. It sucks that we’re going to get hit with a double exchange rate, Chinese to USD, and then USD to Canadian, plus the western union fees- not the most economical way to send money home, but it’s what we’ve got.

In an earlier blog post I’d mentioned an activity class lesson plan that we’d been asked to produce, without explanation of what it would be used for, and without a guideline. Candy has been in a foul mood since the epic activity class lesson plan failure, and has been trying to pin the blame on us teacher at every chance she gets. She’d been avoiding us as well, we were supposed to have a meeting with her days ago, but every time we scheduled the appointment, she’d suddenly become too busy. Today we came to work early, figuring then she wouldn’t have an excuse. Candy wasn’t there yet, so we began addressing our concerns with Muffin, who was acting in her place at that moment. Progress with Muffin was slow but steady, until finally Candy arrived, and all progress ground to a halt. Candy was like a brick wall- we couldn’t go through her, only around her, or over her…

Despite arriving early, our meeting took up most of our planning time, and still not much got accomplished. I sill managed to put together a hilarious ppt story for my kids using some of the wedding pictures Nate and I got, with some modifications… See the entire story below!

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