Sunday June 29 2014

We were learning about “park” in Starfruit class, and I’d recently found cute little flower cups in the grocery store. They came with dirt, little packages of seeds, and little packages of fertilizer, and I thought planting them would be a fun park oriented activity. Somehow we ended up with a boys table and a girls table. I got stuck with the boys table.

Through the ensuing chaos I glanced over at Melissa with the girls. They were carefully placing heir seeds evenly in their cups, sprinkling just the right amount of water on them. It was as if angelic music drifted into the air around them, softly and sweetly, as they patted down the dirt. My table was more like a bad rock concert with the music turned up to loud.

Alan was trying to eat the seeds, Alex’s fertilizer balls ended up all over the floor, and Harry’s cup ended up more like a swamp then a flower garden. There was packing material everywhere, and the boys couldn’t help but play with it, which made it spread even more. Melissa was placing her perfectly planted cups on the window, I was crawling around on the floor picking up fertilizer balls.


Starfruit class, despite the drama, had been easy yesterday. I had enough Canada Day stickers to give one to each child in that class, so despite the one large, two small sticker debate everything worked out pretty fairly. Now I was left with a random assortment of Canada Day trinkets to somehow divide up between my students in my Sunday classes. The plan was to give out prizes in order of the “point” system we use as a class reward. Everyone was informed before class that this is how the special Canada Day gifts would be given out, and I sat down separately with Amy to make sure she understood.

Amy is a very smart student, and capable of being one of the top in the class, but she often refuses to participate. I’ve learned it’s better not to push her. As long as I can get the answers from her somehow I usually don’t expect her to play every game. However when it come to the point system, a lot of the points are given out during games. Amy always wants to pick prizes first, and is not happy when she realizes, at the end of class, that she is not the top student. I really have to point out the correlation for her to realize what her choice to sit out means, but so far she doesn’t care until the class has ended and she realizes she is not top of the class. Once again despite my reminders Amy chose not to participate, and as usual she was grumpy that she did not get to choose her prize first. Fortunately it was relatively mild reaction, as once she screamed for an entire hour after not getting her first choice in prizes (and that day she chose second).

Pineapple class, the wonder class, was more interested in the leftover stickers from Starfruit class then anything else. They were not upset that there were only small ones left!


We were headed to Qingdao for the weekend, so we went home, packed, picked up coolers for the train, and we were on our way. It felt like coming home when we walked back into the hostel, we even had the same room as last time! We got drinks on the bar, which was gorgeous now that it was warm enough to use it’s large outdoor patio. I just wish it was open later then 12. We were a little rushed through our drinks.

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