Saturday June 28 2014

Every. Single. Minute. Of. My. Day, was booked solid. My regular 2 hour Harry Potter class was to be four hours long for some unknown reason, so it would take up my whole morning. Afterwards I would be lucky to get 30 minutes for lunch (during which I’d have to throw together my things for my afternoon classes). After this short break, and a couple hurriedly consumed cups of horrible instant coffee, I would have a Demo class, which I would have to leave early in order to squish in a make up class before my actual Starfruit class started. After work I would eat rice in a bag on a bus for dinner as I rallied all of my non-existent energy for my tutoring session.

Candy had a meeting with my parents from Harry Potter class. The meeting was only supposed to last two hours, half of the scheduled class time so the parents could still watch their children learn, and enjoy the parent presentation that their children put on. Class ended, and there were no parents for the presentation. Their two hour meeting had lasted four hours and was still going on. Shirley, my Chinese teaching partner, and I packed up our stuff and got the children ready to go. “I have to go at 12:30pm otherwise I won’t get a lunch.” I informed her. She didn’t have class directly after lunch so she agreed to stay with the children. I was just about to head out, when at 12:28 in marches Candy, parents in tow, announcing that it is time for the parent presentation! Shortest parent presentation ever… Two minutes later I was saying a hurried goodbye, apologizing to the parents that I couldn’t stay and chat today (this is my chattiest class) and heading out for lunch.

Starfruit class is usually a pretty good group, but today it seemed like all of the children were a little groggy. Maybe my exhaustion was contagious. After class I gave out Canada day stickers as gifts! The children were really excited, and I told them they could choose two small stickers, or one big sticker, seeing as I didn’t have enough big stickers for everyone. It all went smoothly enough, other then Cinderella, who wanted one big sticker and one small sticker. I repeated her options to her, and she chose two small stickers, and sat down content. Content until her parents got in the room, and then all of the sudden, waterworks! Cinderella wanted a big sticker! Her parents comforted her like she was a wounded animal. They encouraged her to go up and ask me for a big sticker, if only the teacher knew she wanted a big sticker then why wouldn’t she be able to be the only child in the class to get both? When Cinderella came up to ask, I repeated her options, one big or two small. I told her she could trade her small for a big. After another big fuss she agreed, and that was the end of it. However what I really wanted to do was to teach her parents some manners.

Fortunately my tutoring group are really great kids, so the day ended well- despite exhaustion.  At least I slept well that night.




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