Friday June 27 2014

Today was the day Nate got his tattoo. Traffic is horrific in China, it is often faster to walk. Cars are lined up bumper to bumper all day long, honking like if they make enough noise somehow the congestion will clear itself, and at rush hour you’re lucky to make in 10 minutes down the road in an hour. Nate and I were not surprised when we found out the tattoo guy was late because of traffic.

While we were waiting we made friends with a scruffy dog. He was mainly interested in our sandwiches, but I feel like there was a bond made there that went beyond basic instincts. Well no actually it probably was just the food.


Nate’s gotten tattoos before. He looked a little glazed over when he was getting it done, but otherwise seemed fine. I was more squeamish then he was!


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