Day 159, Tuesday June 24 2014

Today was our photo shoot for our Chinese wedding pictures! We had to be there for 9:00 am.


It took them an hour to cake makeup on my face to their satisfaction. When they were done I was three shades lighter (and kept getting compliments for it), and had tape on my eyelids to make my eyes look wider.I guess that was to counteract the two layers of fake eyelashes that were making it hard to keep my eyes open.


Nate even got a light layer of foundation, which he wouldn’t stop complaining about.


Then came the hair: buns, braids, bobbles, crimping, I had it all! I got more different things done to my hair in one sitting then in the past year! Surprisingly it looked fantastic.

The traditional Chinese style photos came first, in the indoor settings. We became puppets for our photographer to position, since we could not understand what he was asking. We had to lean this way and that, and really stick out our heads, so that I felt like some sort of ridiculous stork.

His antics had us laughing constantly, as he demonstrated what to do with great facial expressions and hand gestures.

Whenever he wanted us to laugh he would put his hand in front of his face like a shy maiden and say “haha”. Occasionally he would point to one of us and say “haha” and to the other and say “no haha”.

We were already exhausted by the end of the indoor photo shoot. We were led back to the dressing room where we changed into our second outfits, and I was given a whole new hair style. Some bling was added to my outfit, and we were ready to go.

They had me stumbling around in humungous heals that made me look nearly as tall as Nate. I had to keep one hand on Nate to keep me on my feet! Plus it was sunny and hot, so we were soon sweating. It took four hours total before we were completely done. We were able to see the pictures right away, and pick out 20 to get fixed up. They may have felt awkward, but they looked fantastic! Picking our favourites was a hard decision.

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