Day 157, Sunday June 22 2014

Our fish survived the night! They’re breathing heavily, but there’s no sign of ick, so hopefully they’ll make it. I had to teach Harry Potter class “in, on, under”, so after a lot of practice I tested them by using little angry bird toys. We stacked paper cups with pigs on them to create a target, and then I’d place the angry birds in different positions around the room. The children would take turns finding their birds, and would have to say where they’d found them (under the chair, on the table, in the box…) before they could throw. Later, to test their knowledge, Shirley and I pulled a table out into the middle of the classroom, and called different children up to demonstrate “on” and “under” by having them crawl under the table or sit on the table. The children were filled with a devious energy, excited as well as a little terrified at the prospect of breaking the rules.

After lunch we were required at the event at the mall. Kong gave us a ride, and we met Kat’s boyfriend at Burger King. Got a bacon cheeseburger and fries, delicious. The gig started at 2:00 pm, so we showed up around 1:50, and were immediately hounded for being late. Apparently we were supposed to be there by 1:30, but had not been informed.

Mass chaos ensued, as all of the kids were free playing soccer on a small raised stage, and we had no clue where the classroom we were supposed to go to was located. Someone made the brilliant call of putting shirts on the kids so we could tell who was in our group. Instructions were only given out in Chinese, so I just goofed off with the kids, counting on Kat to inform me if anything important came up.

We were supposed to watch the world cup opening song as a warmup, but the video was no where near the children. I suggested we move the children off the stage so they could watch, but quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen. I was told to just dance with them on the stage. There was no dance to this song, so I went to the front and tried to get them to at least stomp their feet and clap their hands or something. The kids just stared at me like I was an alien come to eat them. When I smiled they looked even more terrified, like they knew I was really just showing off the sharpness of my teeth.

Next I led the kids to the classrom. We still didn’t know where it was, and I was leading, so that wasn’t the most helpful. The classroom had eight chairs. There were around 20 kids, plus their parents. “Kat, we need more chairs.” I called. No response, only chinese chinese chinese, as the kids wandered around, not sure what else to do. Eventually someone figured out the problems did go to get chairs.

The idea was to teach the students the names of the countries based on their flags. I ditched Australia because no one could say the name. We were to play a soccer game using the flags. If the child got the flag name right he was able to try and score… except no one remembered the country names! We ended letting the kids shoot if they were able to repeat the names after us.

Finally we took the kids on a tour of the “Kids Want” store, which is where the event took place, stopping to introduce English words for different clothing items. Everyone found it very funny when I held up items of clothing to different kids, and told them “very beautiful”, especially when it was dresses held up to the boys… Fortunately we got the routine smoother with each new group.


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