Day 186, Saturday June 21 2014

I had to drag myself out of bed extra early this morning, because today was my first full class with my minions group. The kids looked as sleepy as I felt. I’d been sent this snowman- making kit from home as a christmas gift. It was composed of putty to roll in balls to make the body, and had a carrot, eyes, and sticks for arms. The snowman was a popular warm up activity, so I had pulled it out for use in today’s class. The most exciting part of this snowman was that it would melt into a sticky puddle over time, so in the course of a two hour class it would go from a perfectly formed snowman to a complete puddle of goo with no notable shape. Almost in sink with the drooping snowman, Paddy, four years old, and the youngest in the class, began to melt in his seat as if his muscles were slowly giving way over time. As class progressed and he became more and more limp and puddle like, it was hard to keep him from sliding right off of his chair and onto the floor.

We had our first test in starfruit class today. Helen had such bad test anxiety she almost didn’t do it, even though she ended up getting perfect. We video tape the classes, and Kevin, who has trouble staying still, kept running off of his seat every time he gave an answer, so his whole video is just him running on and off camera.

Melida brought in a bag of goldfish as a gift to Shirley and I! The poor things were well handled, and may have gotten a little hot during class, so hopefully they make it. They are now in Chandler’s old fish bowl on Shirley’s desk.


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