Day 184, Thursday June 19 2014

When we came into work all of the CTs were on their phones and I was told with great excitement that all classes were cancelled today! I asked why and was told “because of the rain.” They kept us at work anyways until 6:00pm (though we had nothing to do), and we joked all through the afternoon about this crazy fear of the rain. My indoor tutoring had been canceled before because of the rain, “It’s supposed to rain today,” was always a viable excuse to get out of outings for the Chinese population, and I’d been joking just this morning that “It’s a rainy day” would be an acceptable excuse not to come to work (but “I’m spewing out both ends and can’t leave the toilet” needed a doctor’s note). It would appear that I was not wrong.

At 6:00 pm the sky opened up and the rain came down in a torrent. Flashes of lightning lit up the sky and booms of thunder rocked the ground beneath us. “I take it back!” Nate said “This is cause to cancel school.” We all wished we’d been let out at 5:00pm when dinner time started.

“Darn,” I told Shirley, “This would have been perfect for teaching stormy weather!”

Umbrellas had no effect, the water was coming from every direction! We were soaked by the time we got the the bus. It was a very slow crawl through the quickly flooding streets to get to our apartment, but we were dry so we didn’t complain. We’d shared the bus with Andy, so we wished him luck when we got off at our stop.

We were thankful that we lived up a hill, so we knew our building wouldn’t flood. The driveway had become a river though, ankle deep in the shallowest sections, so it was not easy to get up.


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