Day 183: Wednesday June 18 2014

I met Kat at 10:30 for my second Chinese language lesson. We’re learning about family. Kat kept hitting her boyfriend with a pencil when he didn’t answer her questions correctly. Pretty funny.

I had to get creative with the vocabulary in the Kindergarten today. We were learning adjectives, but the flashcards all featured dinosaurs: tall and short dinosaurs, heavy and light dinosaurs, dirty and clean dinosaurs. When I held them up all I got was “DINOSAUR!” So I picked out the tallest child in the class, and the shortest child in the class, then get them to stand next to each other. I was a little worried someone would get upset for being called short, but everyone was in good spirits about it. A piece of paper was light, and my backpack, which is always full of books, was heavy. To emphasize the point I asked for volunteers, then picked the tiniest kids with their hands up, got them to stand up with their arm hight in the air, then put the bag in their hand, let go, and whump, they got the point. I also spent a while pretending to weight lift children… Everyone was laughing by the end of class.

In Starfruit class I chose Leo as teacher’s helper. Before class started however I warned him very seriously that he had to be good during class if he wanted to keep the position. “Sit straight,” he sat up in his chair, “No yelling,” he closed his mouth tight, “and no Chinese.” Leo’s eyes opened wide, his mouth popped open, “Waaaaa!?”

“I guess I haven’t emphasized that rule enough in this class,” I muttered to Shirley, trying not to laugh.

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